Youth Soccer

Age Group Coordinators

Age Group Coordinators are your primary contact for questions related to age groups, teams, and coaching. 


Group Born On or After Coordinator Email
U6 8/1/2009 Tim Daloisio
U7 8/1/2008 Kristine Shifrin
U8 8/1/2007 Vanessa Candela
U9 8/1/2006 Kevin Poultney
U10 8/1/2005 Dave Pelham
U11 8/1/2004 Rachel Zides
U12 8/1/2003 Beth Alcock
U13/14 8/1/2001 David Grinblatas / Jen Selig /


Group Born On or After Coordinator Email
U6 8/1/2009 Dayna Buckley
U7 8/1/2008 Amy Deschaine
U8 8/1/2007 Maria Argiriadi / Trisha Poirier /
U9 8/1/2006 Jim Mahoney
U10 8/1/2005 Deirdre Coughlin
U11 8/1/2004 Prem Yerabothu
U12 8/1/2003 Kevin Hoolahan
U13/14 8/1/2001 Ian Fier / Jim Greene /


Massachusetts Youth Soccer Age Groups


Age groups are based on the child's age, not by grade. Children must be born within the 12 months after the date listed in the "Born On or After" column. For example, U6 players for the 2015-2016 season must be born on or after 8/1/2009 and before 8/1/2010.

If requested, children may be allowed to play with their grade instead of their age group.

  • For age groups U6 through U8, children may play with their grade without restriction. Contact the age group coordinator if you have any questions.
  • For age groups U9 through U14, the child must meet league qualifications to be allowed to play with the child's grade. League rules on age groups are available here: For details on qualifications and waivers, contact the SYSA Registrar: Ellen Faherty at